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Free Seville audio guide

The Bécquer Seville audio guide offers you the most independent and exclusive way of discovering Seville and its monuments. All you need to do is select the route and your iPhone or iPad will guide you and tell you the history of the cathedral, the Alcázar or the Maestranza bullring among others…

  • Languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian

  • Pre-established routes in Google Maps

  • GPS location on route

  • Option of listening to or reading the historical anecdotes of the monuments

  • Monument photographs

  • Facebook integration

  • Mobile data connection not needed

  • App adapted to Retina Display

We hope that you enjoy our app just as much or even more than we did creating it

Tapas route

The word “tapas” is one of the best-known Spanish words around the world. Tapas can be enjoyed as a small snack or even as a full meal at any time of the day. Seville is one of the best cities to enjoy them, whether it’s in a traditional or modern format, thanks to the many tapas bars that provide another of the great Spanish traditions: tapeo, which is the action of going around different tapas bars trying all the different varieties.

The origins of tapas date back to the Thirteenth century under the reign of King Alfonso X of Castile, who ordered that a small amount of food had to be served alongside the drink in all taverns in order to prevent the adverse effects of alcohol.

However, other popular sources place the origin of the tapa here, in Seville. They say that, in order to avoid flies flying into the glasses of wine, taverns used to place a slice of cold meat on top of the glass as a “tapa”, which in Spanish means “cover”. Other sources say that it comes from the cover used for the platter where the snacks were stored, which were therefore also called tapas.

One way or the other, Hotel Bécquer provides its clients a free application created especially to enjoy this Spanish tradition.

We have agreements with the most emblematic restaurants and tapas bars from the area around the hotel, so our clients can enjoy exclusive offers and promotions that will make it a pleasure to discover Seville’s large selection of tapas, dishes and gastronomic trends.

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