Hotel Bécquer

A hotel with a long tradition

A bit of history

To talk about Hotel Bécquer in Seville is to talk about historical wealth and tradition. However, it is also a reference of modernity and comfort and a hotel with many future projects.

Hotel Bécquer has continued with the tradition of other hotels whose origins go back to the 19th century. Among them is Hotel Cecil Oriente, a hotel located on Plaza Nueva that closed its doors in 1970. The family who owned it sold it a year later in order to build Hotel Bécquer, on Calle Reyes Católicos, where the old palatial home of the Marquises of Las Torres used to be, owned by the Hon. Mrs. Elvira Marañón y Jiménez and the Hon. Mr. Andrés Lasso de la Vega y Quintanilla.

Our roots

Hotel Bécquer was built in 1973 on a site previously occupied the mansion of the Marquis of Torres de la Presa, incorporating fine parts of the mansion in the construction such as coffered ceilings, mahogany fireplaces or rails of wrought iron of considerable artistic value.

After non-stop renovations, in 1997 Hotel Bécquer expanded with the acquisition of an adjoining building, which was completely reconstructed to make it suitable for the stringency levels which characterise the hotel.

Hotel Bécquer

A hotel with character

Different elements of the aforementioned palatial home were used in the hotels constructions, such as the Renaissance-style bars at hotel reception, the bars that make up the gate of the interior bar, the coffered ceiling of the aforementioned bar and of the Romantic room, the fireplace of the latter and the lead-stained glass windows and doors of the main hall.

These additions were intended to be an inclusion of original and artistic elements in the hotel’s decoration, giving it a special and unique character.

Hotel Bécquer

The property

Hotel Bécquer is owned by a family from Seville with broad experience in the hospitality field which goes back to the start of the last century, managing hotels in the cities of Madrid and Seville.

For possible future expansion, the family who own Hotel Bécquer have acquired two additional buildings on Paseo de Cristóbal Colón in the city, where the prestigious architects Cruz and Ortiz built what is now Hotel Kivir. Recently opened in 2019, Hotel Kivir has 31 exclusive rooms, a pool, restaurant and a terrace with magnificent views of the River Guadalquivir and the popular Triana neighbourhood. For further information, please consult their website

Hotel Bécquer

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

Gustavo Adolfo Claudio Domínguez Bastida was a famous Spanish poet and narrator born in Seville in 1836. He belonged to the late Romantic and post-Romantic literary movement and is considered by critics as the pioneer of contemporary Spanish poetry as well as the main figure in Spanish post-Romantic poetry alongside Rosalía de Castro. He wrote many different plays, articles, stories and chronicles and worked as a journalist and official novel censor until he rose to fame with his poetry work Rimas. As a prose writer, his work Leyendas is one of his career highlights, a compendium of fantasy stories set in a supernatural and mysterious atmosphere. He died in Madrid in 1870 and his remains are currently in the crypt of the church of La Anunciación in Seville alongside other illustrious sons of the city of Seville.

Hotel Bécquer
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