Hotel Becquer

The hosts of your home in Seville

Who we are

We are hoteliers. We offer unique experiences to our clients with personalised services that promote our local culture. We achieve this thanks to the human and professional quality of our staff, committing to continuous innovation and improvement.

What do we want

We want to be a leading company in management in the hotel industry, offering unique experiences to our clients and bringing added value to society. We achieve this by maintaining our friendliness and by taking care of our clients, employees, collaborators and owners.


Client orientation and personalised service

We want the client to feel special and we create unique experiences.


We share knowledge, experience and effort. We bring our best to the table, taking on responsibilities to achieve common goals.

Ethics code

We are honest and respectful. We define ourselves as good, responsible people who are proud to belong to a family-run business.

Continuous innovation and improvement

Our will to improve takes us to search for efficiency by analysing all of our processes.

Corporate social responsibility

We establish a relationship of respect with our surroundings, looking after the environment and offering the best possible service to our clients and providers.