Who We Are

The hosts of your home in Seville

About Us

We are hoteliers. We offer unique experiences to our clients through personalized service and by promoting our local culture. We accomplish this through the human and professional quality of our staff, emphasizing innovation and continuous improvement.

We adapt to your needs

We offer a completely personalized service for our guests.

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

What We Want

To be a leading company in management within the hotel sector, creating unique experiences for our clients and contributing added value to society. This is achieved by preserving our family-oriented approach and caring for our clients, employees, collaborators, and owners.

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer


Customer orientation and personalized treatment

Our goal is to make the customer feel special, forging unique experiences.

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer


Our approach involves sharing knowledge, experiences, and efforts. Our commitment is to bring our best and assume responsibilities to achieve the common objective.

Hotel Bécquer

Ethical Code

Honesty and respect define us. We see ourselves as good, responsible people and take pride in being part of a family-oriented company.

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Our spirit of improvement drives us to seek efficiency by analyzing all our processes.

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Corporate Social Responsibility

Establishing a relationship of respect with our surroundings, we take care of the environment and strive to offer the best service to our customers and suppliers.

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer


En hotel Bécquer somos un equipo dinámico, con más de 50 años de experiencia atendiendo y fidelizando a clientes con profesionalidad y cercanía.

Nuestra identidad de familia es nuestro referente y hacer que tanto nuestros huéspedes como empleados se sientan como en casa es nuestra razón de ser.

Aquí te dejamos algunos de nuestros contactos para que nos conozcas un poco más y puedas poner cara a parte del equipo. Estaremos encantados de atenderte en lo que necesites.

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Rafael Alba

Jefe de Reservas individuales

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Andrea Martínez

Directora Hotel Kivir y Adjunta a Dirección Hotel Bécquer

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Ana Díaz

Guest Experience – Departamento de calidad

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Mª José Chacón

Adjunta a dirección

Reservas de Grupos

Mónica Coppola

Reservas de Grupos

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Alejandro Rodríguez

Director General Hotel Bécquer y Hotel Kivir

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Ramiro Martínez

Director de Calidad y RR.PP

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Miguel Arenas

Maitre – Reservas Eventos

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Luis Guerrero

Director Comercial & Marketing

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Esther Muñoz

Jefa Administración

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer


Responsable de mantenimiento

Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Mª del Carmen León


Who We Are - Hotel Becquer

Mª José Robles

Jefa de Recepción