Hotel Bécquer

Breakfasts of the highest quality

Deluxe Breakfast Buffet

In the restaurant Las Golondrinas you will find, along with our complete buffet of local and high quality products, our show cooking with traditional Andalusian dishes cooked to order.

Breakfast time: from 07:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Price per person: Now € 20

Our breakfasts includes:

  • Home baked bread and pastries:

  • Slices of loaf bread, croissant and buns.

  • Typical Sevillian sweets:

  • Fresh sliced fruits:

  • Homemade cakes:

  • chocolate and cheese with blueberries.

  • Cheese board:

  • brie, gouda, fresh and semi-cured.

  • Yogurt and custard with cookie.

  • Serrano cured meats (ham, chorizo and salami), and sausages (york and turkey).

  • Assorted sandwiches.

  • Cereals of different types.

  • Hot dishes area:

  • boiled eggs, omelette/scrambled eggs, bacon, beans, stew of the day, churros.

  • Fresh vegetable salads.

  • Crushed tomato and extra virgin olive oil.

  • Fresh seasonal fruit

  • Fresh orange juice

  • Assorted juices and smoothies

  • Hot drinks:

  • (coffee, infusions, chocolate, decaffeinated)

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