Seville's traditional fair


Alfonso X el Sabio in 1254 gave permission to celebrate a Fair in April and another in September, six years after his father conquered Seville.

The Fair was created at the initiative of two councillors who asked the Plenary to recover the fairs in Seville. This is how the first Fair of modern times was born, inaugurated on April 18, 1847 in the Prado de San Sebastián, with 19 booths and with such a success with the public and with business that, the following year, those in charge of organising the sale of cattle went to the Municipality to ask for a greater presence of agents of the authority because “the Sevillian men and women, with their songs and dances, made it difficult to close the deals”.


It began as a purely commercial event, but over the years the people of Seville have made it their own and nowadays it is considered one of the most unique expressions of colour and joy where Sevillians and those who visit us enjoy the festival for 6 days each year.


To find out more curiosities about the Fair and tips to enjoy this festival as a local, visit this link.


This year the Fair, our most famous festivity worldwide, is held between April 13 and April 20.

We will be delighted to welcome you at the Bécquer hotel, as every year we decorate the hotel according to the occasion so that our guests can enjoy a special decoration simulating a typical booth where you can take beautiful souvenir photos.


The opening times of the monuments and shops are affected during the week. Also, if you are interested in specially designed routes for the Feria de Sevilla, rental of flamenco dresses or anything else you need, you can contact our Guest Experience on the following link. We also recommend you to make reservations at the restaurants you are interested in in advance as there are a high number of visitors to the city at this time.

Due to the different activities that take place in Seville during the Fair, there are traffic cuts that affect the city centre, where we are located. We have our own parking, we recommend you make the reservation before arrival, as capacity is limited. Any questions about access to the hotel or travel around the area, do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you.